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Taking a Beijing tour is absolutely worthwhile! 

The Great Wall of China, the grandest ancient military fortification in the world, is a must for every traveler to China. 

The Forbidden City, a splendid complex of imperial palaces from China's Ming and Qing dynasties in the center of the city, shows the mysterious and luxurious life of the Chinese emperors. 

Other imperial structures that are worth visiting include Summer Palace, Lama Temple and Temple of Heaven. 

A good place to start exploring the city is Tiananmen Square, where Mao Zedong declared the foundation of the People’s Republic of China. To stand – alongside thousands of visitors – and see the imposing majesty of the Forbidden City to the north and the vast portrait of Mao Zedong on the Tiananmen Gate itself is to appreciate the awesome hold that China’s rulers have always had on the people.

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In addition to its historical wonders, Beijing's hutongs and Courtyard complexes give visitors a feeling for the traditional daily life of the ordinary Beijing people. 

An unmissable experience is a morning visit to one of Beijing’s public parks. This is when people let their hair down by indulging in their particular favourite physical activities, such as tai’chi, jogging, singing or even ballroom dancing. There are two public parks, Side Park and Lido Park, playing the roles as very close neighborhood to Beijing Centre apartments. It’s probably not the first thing you’ll think about if you are coming to Beijing, but art is taking off in Beijing in a big way. Besides locals, artists from all over China come to gather in Beijing when it’s time to launch their thought provoking spectacles. 

You could encounter it anywhere and should be prepared. One of the freshest new spaces and drawing the city’s most creative artists and impassioned art collectors in Beijing is 798 Factory. Whether you love photography or sculpture, painting or video installations, you’ll find a gallery there devoted to it. If you and your family or friends are going to have an easy travel in Beijing, then you have much more to look at and it's no problem for you to stay a week and even more time enjoying and exploring in Beijing.

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