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Beijing Centre Overground View

Beijing Centre: Overground View

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Beijing Centre Area, the Expatriate Haven

Beijing Centre Serviced Apartments are conveniently located in the mid of downtown and Beijing Capital International Airport which is becoming one of Beijing’s most foreigner-friendly areas.

Beijing Centre provides high standard serviced apartments to the people who craving the amenities and tastes of home. Conveniently located in the mid of downtown and Beijing Capital International Airport and surrounded by two international hotels, Beijing Centre serviced apartments enjoy internationalized atmosphere which predominates as the sole focal points of foreign lifestyles and share the distinctions of shopping districts, bar streets, fusion restaurants, public gardens, manmade lakes, etc.

In the 1980s, the Beijing Centre Area was constructed, making it the first Holiday Inn-branded hotel to be built in Beijing and one of the earliest foreigner-friendly residential complexes. The ‘90s saw a number of multinational corporations, including Siemens, Nokia and Motorola, IBM set up offices in Beijing Centre Area, with the first luxury property developments including serviced apartments (Chateau Regency Phase I, Greenland Garden, etc.) springing up as well. These days the area is home to a number of medium – to high-end residential developments and serviced apartments (including Chateau Regency Phase I, East Park International Apartment, Landscape Apartment, to name but a few), and a thriving community of expat-oriented stores, food and beverage outlets.

The Traffic Situation around Beijing Centre Apartments

Such relative moderate prices to stay in Beijing Centre serviced apartments, combined with a host of local amenities and easy access to the airport and all the attractions, Beijing Centre has been a consistently popular home for foreigners of all backgrounds-from North American and European, Australian and south Asia. Beijing Centre Apartments lie within striking distance from Beijing Capital International Airport (with a road linking it directly to the airport expressway – it takes about 20 minutes to get there, traffic permitting). With a new direct link to the Airport Expressway, quick access to the east 4th ring road, and a nearby light rail line (in Wangjing) in the work, Beijing Centre apartments are set to remain entrenches as some of the city’s most prime real estate.

The distance between Beijing Centre Apartments and major attractions / remarkable places:

  • Holiday Inn Lido Beijing (656ft / 200m) 丽都假日酒店

  • Rosedale Hotel Beijing (656ft / 200m)  珀丽酒店

  • United Family Hospital (656ft / 200m)  北京和睦家医院

  • Amcare Women’s & Children’s Hospital (656ft / 200m) 北京美中怡和妇女儿童医院   

  • New / 3rd Embassy District of Beijing (1.86mi / 3km)  第三使馆区

  • 798 Factory (Dashanzi Art District) (1.86mi / 3km) 798工厂(大山子艺术区)

  • China International Exhibition Centre (3.11mi / 5km) 中国国际展览中心

  • San Li Tun Bar Street / 1st Embassy District (3.11mi / 5km) 三里屯酒吧街 / 第一使馆区

  • Silk Market / American Embassy (7.46mi / 12km) 秀水市场 / 美国大使馆

  • Tiananmen Square / Forbidden City (8.7mi / 14km) 天安门广场 / 紫禁城

  • Beijing Capital International Airport (10.56mi / 17km) 北京首都国际机场

  • Temple of Heaven (11.2 mi / 18km) 天坛

  • Great Wall (Ba Da Ling) (50mi / 80km) 长城(八达岭长城)

Eating Out around Beijing Centre Apartments

Beijing Centre Apartments surroundings abound in good eats.  A row of restaurants, including Chain Cool, Pascucci and a selection of Korean eateries, runs along Fangyuan Xilu (方园西路); while to the northwest lies Agrilandia.  Around the Holiday Inn are the popular expat hangout Eudora Station, and Blue Lake inside of Lido Park (丽都花园), while within the hotel is the new Pure Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant, a branch of the Taj Pavilion and the ubiquitous Starbucks.  Italian eatery II Casale, Annie’s and the new branch of Singaporean restaurant Boat Quay and Sculpting in Time Cafe are on Jiangtai Lu (将台路).

Pure Lotus Vegetarian was voted “Best Vegetarian in Beijing” in 2006.  Run by monks, their creative dishes will leave you with a full stomach and a clear conscience – and a considerably lightened wallet.  The whole setting is expensive but worth it.

Daily 9:30am-10:00pm

Address: 3/F Holiday Inn, Jiangtai Lu, Chaoyang District  

Address in Chinese:  朝阳区将台路丽都假日酒店三层  

Tel: + 86 - (0)10 - 6437 6688 ext. 3812

The Taj Pavilion was voted “Best Indian” in 2006.  Provide friendly management, some of Beijing’s finest Indian food in an authentic setting. 

Daily 11:30am-2:30pm; 6:00pm-10:30pm

Address: 3/F Holiday Inn, Jiangtai Lu, Chaoyang District

Address in Chinese: 朝阳区将台路丽都假日酒店三层 

Tel: + 86 - (0)10 - 6437 6688 ext. 3812

Yuxiang Renjia serves a consistently good Sichuanese food in a pleasantly rustic-themed environment. 

Daily 10:30am-10:30pm

Address: 2/F Holiday Inn, Jiangtai Lu, Chaoyang District

Address in Chinese: 朝阳区将台路丽都假日酒店二层渝乡人家

Tel: + 86 - (0)10 - 6437 6688 ext. 1558

The Texan Bar and Grill serves good Tex-Mex food and steaks in a saloon-type setting in the Lido mini-mall. 

Daily 11:30am-2:00pm, 5:30pm-10:30pm

Address: 1/F Holiday Inn, Jiangtai Lu, Chaoyang District

Address in Chinese: 朝阳区将台路丽都假日酒店一层德克萨斯扒房 

Tel: + 86 - (0)10 -   6437 6688 ext. 1849

Nyonya Kitchen serves Peranakan cuisines at its finest.  The owner seeks to instruct and offer up spices and curry pastes fresh from Malaysia.

Tue-Sun 11:00am-9:00pm

Address: Opposite to Holiday Inn, across from Gaojiayuan Middle School

Address in Chinese: 朝阳区高家园中学丽都饭馆对面娘惹厨房

Tel: + 86 - (0)10 -   6433 7377

Eudora Station Bar and Restaurant is a very serviceable food and drink establishment with restaurant downstairs, bar and wine tasting upstairs.  There is a solid feeling of quality about the place that may make it a standby for a spot to spend the afternoon or evening. 

Daily 11:00am-2:00am

Address: 6 Fangyuan Xilu, Opposite to Lido Plaza, Chaoyang District

Address in Chinese: 朝阳区芳园西路6都广场对面伊多瑞站   

Tel: + 86 - (0)10 - 6437 8331

Park Grill serves up Pacific Rim flavors including Australian T-bone and New Zealand lamb and is particularly famed for its steaks, which rival the best in Beijing. The decoration is contemporary with a white grand piano as the centerpiece. Performances are given five nights a week from 7pm to 11pm.  Daily noon-11:00pm

Address: 2nd Floor of Trio, Jiangtai Xilu, west of Rosedale Hotel, Chaoyang District

Address in Chinese: 朝阳区将台西路珀丽酒店西侧Trio 二层

Tel: + 86 - (0)10 - 6437 8399

II Casale provides Italian home style food.

Mon-Fri 10:30am-10:30pm

Address: Jiangtai Xilu, opposite the Japanese International School, Chaoyang District

Address in Chinese:  朝阳区将台西路日本人国际学校对面家园意大利餐厅

Tel: + 86 - (0)10 - 6436 8778

Annie’s Cafe is unpretentious and affordable Italian food which was voted “Best Italian & Outstanding Pizza in 2006.  You can eat at the restaurant or you can call delivery service. 

Daily 11:00am-11:00pm

Address: Jiangtai Lu, Jiuxianqiao Shangye Jie, Chaoyang District

Address in Chinese: 朝阳区将台路酒仙桥商业街安妮餐厅

Tel: + 86 - (0)10 - 6343 6041

Boat Quay Restaurant and Cafe offers Singaporean favorites in a comfortable way. 

Address: Jiangtai Lu, 3 Jiuxianqiao Shangye Jie, Chaoyang District

Address in Chinese: 朝阳区将台路酒仙桥商业街3号驳船码头

Tel: + 86 - (0)10 - 6431 9852

Sculpting in Time provides coffee, pasta dishes and desserts amid shelves of books and crafts. 

Daily 9:30am-0:30am

Address: 2B Jiangtai Lu, Chaoyang District

Address in Chinese: 朝阳区将台路乙2 号雕刻时光

Tel: + 86 - (0)10 - 5135 8108  

Eating In at Beijing Centre Apartments

Jenny Lou’s is located 100m away from East Park International Apartment.

Address: Ground Floor, Hairun International Apartment, Jiangtai Lu, Chaoyang District

Address in Chinese: 朝阳区将台路海润国际公寓底商婕妮超市海润店

Tel: + 86 - (0)10 - 51358338

Lido Deli comes for sausages, smoked salmon, pates, select wines and famous Harbin black caviar. 

Daily: 7:00am-9:00pm 

Address: Holiday Inn Lido, Jichang Lu, Chaoyang District

Address in Chinese: 朝阳区机场路丽都假日酒店熟食店

Tel: + 86 - (0)10 - 6437 6688 ext. 1542

Night Life around Beijing Centre Apartments

Although not traditionally known for its swinging nightlife, Beijing Centre Area has seen a number of new venues open, including Trio (from the people with Australian background and now becomes a new entertainment center of Beijing Centre Area), NHU Lounge (a new dance club), Area Club.  Holiday Inn has its own onsite pub and Eudora Station is another popular expat watering hole.

Area provides the perfect setting for Beijing Centre Area’s stylish set.  It is filled with white sofa beds surrounding a central dance floor which exudes a modern, sleek, and upscale ambience.  Parties are held every weekend featuring international DJS.  Area was voted “Best New Bar” in 2006.  Daily 8:00pm-2:00am

Address: 500m east of Xiaoyun Qiao, Fangyuan Xilu, Chaoyang District

Address in Chinese: 朝阳区芳园西路霄云桥东500米空间俱乐部

Tel: + 86 - (0)10 - 6437 6158

Trio opens in recent times and becomes new entertainment center in Beijing.  It is composed of 3 levels; each is seemingly independent from the other.  One floor is home to the Park Grill, while the other two are drinking establishments.  One sees Frank’s Place and The Cella is a wine bar where members can store their very own vinage.

Address: Jiangtai Xilu, west of Rosedale Hotel

Address in Chinese:  朝阳区将台西路珀丽酒店西侧

Tel: + 86 - (0)10 - 6437 8399

The Cella is located in the basement of the Trio complex and decked out medieval style.  The Cellar houses some of the finest wines to be found in Beijing.  Daily 5:00pm-3:00am

Address: B1/F, Trio, Jiangtai Xilu, west of Rosedale Hotel

Address in Chinese: 朝阳区将台西路珀丽酒店西侧Trio 地下一层

Tel: + 86 - (0)10 - 6437 8399

Frank’s Place is the legend of the Beijing nightlife scene after is relocated to Trio.  The bar area is breezy with a subtle sports-theme but the terrace is the place to be during the summer months.  Frank’s was voted “Best Sports Bar” in 2006.  Daily 10:00am-2:00am

Address: 1/F, Trio, Jiangtai Xilu, west of Rosedale Hotel

Address in Chinese: 朝阳区将台西路珀丽酒店西侧Trio 一层

Tel: + 86 - (0)10 - 6437 8399

NHU provides a glamorous incentive to spend the evening in Beijing Centre Area.  An enormous bar serves some of the city’s best cocktails and smoothies and first class wine list.  A creative dinner menu can be enjoyed in the restaurant or upstairs lounge and is whipped up by the international chef (ex-Hilton).  Jazzy, Latin flavored beats and upbeat hip-hop is provided by international DJs.  Daily 11:00am-late

Address: 6 Fangyuan Xilu, south gate of Lido Park, Chaoyang District

Address in Chinese: 朝阳区芳园西路6号丽都花园南门 

Tel: + 86 - (0)10 - 6435 6762


Health and Beauty around Beijing Centre Area

Beijing Centre Apartments certainly have its share of massage parlors: new Capri Spa sits next door to Trio, while Oriental Taipan is located south east of Lido Park, 2A fangyuan Xilu (6437 6299).  Staying in Beijing Centre Apartments, it takes 5-10 minutes on foot to reach two international standard hospitals with either foreign doctors or foreign language support program available.

Oriental Taipan

Address: 2A Fangyuan Xilu, South East of Lido Park, Chaoyang District

Address in Chinese: 朝阳区芳园西路甲2号,丽都花园东南东方大班

Tel: + 86 - (0)10 - 6437 6299

Heping Keep-fit Massage Center Daily noon-1:00am

Address: 6 Fangyuan Xilu, Chaoyang District

Address in Chinese: 朝阳区芳园西路6号和平盲人保健按摩中心

Tel: + 86 - (0)10 - 6436 7370

Touch Spa Daily 10:00am-midnight

Address: 6 Jiangtai Lu, Holiday Inn Plaza (next to health club), Chaoyang District

Address in Chinese: 朝阳区将台路6号丽都假日酒店(健身房旁)

Tel: + 86 - (0)10 - 6430 1072

Beijing United Family Hospital provides inpatient and outpatient services, wide range of medical and surgical specialties, emergency room and ICU open 24 hours. 

Address: 2 Jiangtai Lu, Chaoyang District

Address in Chinese: 朝阳区将台路2 号北京和睦家医院

Tel: + 86 - (0)10 - 6433 3960

Amcare Women’s & Children’s Hospital offers high-quality medical services with a focus on maternity care, women’s health and pediatrics.

Address: 9 Fangyuanxi Lu, Chaoyang District

Address in Chinese: 朝阳区方圆西路9号北京美中怡和妇女儿童医院

Tel: + 86 - (0)10 - 800 610 6200 / 6434 2399

Public Garden

An unmissable experience is a morning visit to one of Beijing’s public parks. This is when people let their hair down by indulging in their particular favorite physical activities such as tai’chi, jogging, singing or even ballroom dancing. There are two public parks, Side Park(四德公园)and Lido Park(丽都花园), playing the roles as very close neighborhood to Beijing Centre apartments.

Highlight: 798 Factory (Dashanzi Art District)

Chinese: 798 工厂(大山子艺术区)

Address: No. 2-4 Dashanzi Lu, Chaoyang District

Address in Chinese: 朝阳区大山子路2-4

This is one of the freshest new spaces in Beijing and every day it draws the city’s most creative artists and impassioned art collectors.  Whether you love photography or sculpture, painting or video installations, you’ll find a gallery here devoted to it.

Dashanzi Art District is located only 3km northeast of Beijing Centre Area and previously was 798 Factory built in the 1950s with tremendous government’s funds and East Germany’s architecture and industrial know-how.  It went on to churn out electronics for decades before being shut down as Beijing urbanished…In 2002 the city’s artistic community started to take an interest in this giant industrial carcass.  They left it as is on the outside but went to work on the insides, divvying it up amongst themselves.  These days 798 Factory is often compared with New York's Greenwich Village or SoHo, but you can go and see the results for yourself.

You can easily spend a day at 798 Factory.  Small but classy cafes and bars serving western style food are easy to find there, so there is plenty of choices for lunch or an early supper.  This is also one of the few places in Beijing you can come to really escape from traffic and crowds. 

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Beijing Centre: Serviced apartments are alternative choices to Beijing hotels starting at 60 US$ per day. Located in Chaoyang District, half way between Beijing International Airport and Beijing downtown, it is the perfect choice for a stay in Beijing for up to 4 persons. Services included: complementary daily house-keeping, pick-up and send off to the Beijing International Capital Airport. 

Serviced apartments in Beijing available from 60 US$ (46 Euros) per day.

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