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Taking a Beijing tour is absolutely worthwhile! 

The Great Wall of China, the grandest ancient military fortification in the world, is a must for every traveler to China. 

The Forbidden City, a splendid complex of imperial palaces from China's Ming and Qing dynasties in the center of the city, shows the mysterious and luxurious life of the Chinese emperors. 

Other imperial structures that are worth visiting include Summer Palace, Lama Temple and Temple of Heaven. 

A good place to start exploring the city is Tiananmen Square, where Mao Zedong declared the foundation of the People’s Republic of China. To stand – alongside thousands of visitors – and see the imposing majesty of the Forbidden City to the north and the vast portrait of Mao Zedong on the Tiananmen Gate itself is to appreciate the awesome hold that China’s rulers have always had on the people.

Tiananmen Square Tourist Map

Tian An Men Square (Chinese: 天安门广场, Tian An Men Guang Chang)

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The world's largest public square, Tiananmen Square is a vast desert of paving stones at the heart of Beijing. It may be a grandiose, Maoist tourist trap, but the view is breathtaking on a clear day and at nightfall. Kites flit through the sky, children stamp around and Chinese out-of-towners huddle together for the obligatory photo opportunity.


Mao conceived the square to project the enormity of the Communist Party, so it's all a bit Kim Il Sung-ish. During the Cultural Revolution the chairman reviewed parades of up to a million people here. In 1976 another million people jammed the square to pay their last respects to Mao. In 1989 army tanks and soldiers forced pro-democracy demonstrators out of the square.


Surrounding the square is a mishmash of monuments, past and present: the Gate of Heavenly Peace; the Museum of Chinese History and Museum of the Chinese Revolution; the Great Hall of the People; the Front Gate; the Chairman Mao Mausoleum, where you can purchase Mao memorabilia and catch a glimpse of the man himself (when his mortuary make-up isn't being refreshed); and the Monument to the People's Heroes.

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